Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer the freedom to see clearly and enjoy life free from spectacles.

Major advances in contact lens technology in recent years mean that more and more people are finding that the convenience of contact lenses suits their lifestyle. Lenses can be worn either every day or on a flexible, part-time basis for sports or social occasions.

Whether you are new to contact lenses or an existing wearer, our friendly and knowledgeable optometrists will all be able to give you the best advice. Being independent, we are not restricted in our choice of lenses and can choose the most suitable lenses for you. We will also keep you up to date with any new, healthier lenses as they become available to ensure you are always wearing the best and most comfortable lens for you.

We fit and supply contact lenses under our Contact Lens Care Plan which has many benefits, including unlimited after-care appointments, very competitive contact lens prices and 10% discount on complete spectacles.

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