Reading Difficulties

Some of our optometrists have a special interest in helping children and adults whose reading, writing and spelling are not as good as may be expected for their age.

Some people will have a visual component to their difficulty; it might be poor binocular co-ordination, poor tracking or Meares Irlen syndrome.

In addition to a full eye examination we will (depending on age and need) add the following:

  • Examine the binocular co-ordination, including ocular dominance. This maybe helped with eye exercises.

  • Assess the tracking often including the Developmental Eye Movement test

  • Assess the Rate of Reading on the Wilkins test

  • Test for Meares Irlen Syndrome, where the printed word moves and distorts on the page. This may be helped by the use of coloured overlays or spectacles. Colorimetry is performed, using the Cerium colorimeter, after overlays have proved effective.

We request that patients mention at the time of booking their appointment that they would like these extra investigations so the extra time needed can be allotted.

We also request the SpLD questionnaire is completed and returned to the practice in good time before the appointment.

Download SpLD questionnaire

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